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Equitable Development Partners, LLC (EDP) is a national real estate development firm, headquartered in Kansas City, MO. EDP understands the complexity of modern development in disinvested, urban, rural, and working class communities boasting real opportunity for catalytic change and growth. Our fundamental belief that everyone has a right to live in equitable, inclusive, and vibrant communities is consistent with our valuing people over profit. While the bottom line is important, working collaboratively to create a win-win proposition for all parties is essential to every EDP deal structure. At EDP, we strive to understand the history, tapestry, and goals of existing and future stakeholders to collectively establish a sustainable community fostering a sense of belonging and pride.



From consulting with local and national developers to providing analysis for
public-private-partnership projects, along with managing upwards of one
billion dollars in assets for the sixth largest bank in America, Equitable
Development Partners, LLC was born out of a great need for equity in real
estate and economic development. With the rapid transformation of Black and
urban communities, EDP Partners recognized the dearth of equitable
participation by Black and Brown developers in the industry coupled with the
demand for development considering the tapestry, history, and deepest
desires of disinvested communities. Rather than complain about the
widespread exclusion and dismissal of Black and Brown developers, two
school friends reconnected after 25 plus years of absence to discover their
alignment in the values, goals, mission, and vision in the real estate industry.
Thus, EDP was born to deliver specific projects to the market utilizing an
intentional community-focused approach based on the Seven C’s of Equitable
Development: Cooperation, Collaboration, Commitment, Complimentary
Planning, Courageous Action, Character, and Capital Investment. The value
proposition of people over profit gives light to communities endeavoring to
reimagine live, learn, work, entertain, and worship environments joined with
sustainable community benefits. The ability of EDP to quickly adjust in the
market empowers stakeholder participation and ownership producing a
lasting, vibrant, family-oriented imprint in every community EDP serves.



As a native to Kansas city,  Keshia Sanders is extremely knowledgeable about the  local real estate market. Keshia graduated high school from Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, and studied Communications at Avila University. 


Keshia has an extensive background in real estate. As a licensed agent since 2005, she values being a resource for buyers, sellers, and investors. From up to date industry data, to locating ideal properties for clients, and properly managing transactions from beginning to end, she strives to offer excellence with every experience. She is a first time home buyer expert, an experienced listing agent, entrepreneur, and investor. Keshia loves building relationships, buying and selling properties, and she takes pride in helping her clients achieve their goals in the real estate industry. 


Keshia served as a compliance officer in the LIHTC and Affordable Housing industry for a number of years ensuring that the company remained within the regulations required by the state, federal government, and other entities. She also managed several multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolios at a national bank that services some of the largest real estate investors in the industry for several years.

Keshia Sanders is a KS/MO licensed realtor with Walker Realty Co., Housing Credit Certified Professional, member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, the National Association of Realtors, and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors.

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Growing up east of Kansas City's racial dividing line, Marvin Lyman understands many of the issues facing America. However, he passionately believes systemic racism is the fundamental ill specifically targeting Black People and inhibiting America’s growth and respect as the most profound nation in the history of the world.


Marvin recognized the staunch differences in school systems and neighborhoods at an early age. From leading efforts for the inclusion of Black Literary Arts in high school, the push for equity and justice at St. Cloud State University, a predominantly white institution, Black and Minority Business Enterprise participation in Kansas City based public-private-partnership projects, Mr. Lyman continues to promote equity, justice, and economic empowerment for Black People in particular. He is a trailblazer in his own right as a Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP) and Certified Commercial Investment Member-Candidate (CCIM). In 2018, Mr. Lyman founded the National Black Economic Development Institute to promote culturally competent development in Black and urban communities along with increasing the number of Black real estate development professionals. Mr. Lyman has served in leadership roles as a member of the Board of Directors for University Health, Academie Lafayette, and the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority vetting and approving more than $2 Billion in projects.


As an avid reader and researcher, Mr. Lyman has traveled thousands of miles to learn from the best and brightest. He is an ardent student of Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Na’im Akbar, Ancestors Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing, John Henrik-Clarke, Reginald Lewis, and many others. He has built successful businesses and assisted others in their business development and real estate development. As the Interim-Director of the Black Economic Union of Greater Kansas City, Mr. Lyman completed the master development plan for the 21-Acre, $250M Enterprise Village Ecosystem development in the Historic 18th & Vine Cultural Heritage Jazz District.


Mr. Lyman has received numerous awards including the highly coveted SCSU Excellence in Leadership Award, served as a Congressional Intern through the Washington Center for Internships, was selected as a Governor's National Leadership Fellow at Ferris State University, and was recognized in 2019 as the Missouri Hospital Association Trustee of the Year. While awards serve a purpose, Mr. Lyman is most proud of his role as a husband, father, and activist for Black people and those who have been systematically disenfranchised.

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